OBGYN: Superheroes in Lab Coats

Every woman should see a gynecologist at least once a year. It is a major part in women’s health. An OBGYN is an obstetrician-gynecologist. This doctor specializes in all things related to a woman’s health. This includes, but not limited to, functions of the body and childbirth. As a woman if you don’t have a gynecologist you need to get one.

What Is an OBGYN and What Do they Do?

The OB stands for obstetrician. Obstetrics is related to the medical and surgical care when a woman gives birth. This branch of medicine includes the preparation for:

  • Labor
  • Pregnancy
  • Actual birth
  • After the baby

The GYN stands for gynecologist. Gynecology is the study of a woman’s body and reproductive health. This also includes breast health screening. What do OBGYN’s do? It is their job to combine both branches of medicine discussed above and help women. They offer a variety of services including Pap smears, breast exams, STD/HIV testing etc. They have expertise in all things that have to do with the female reproductive system. With routine checkups and preventive screening it is important all women see this type of doctor. A person may see a des moines ia gynecologist because of abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, infertility, vaginal infections, hormonal disorders and more. Finding the perfect doctor for you can be hard.

Specialty Areas in the OBGYN Practice

There are a few doctors that practice more specialized branches of this field. One specialty is reproductive endocrinology and infertility. This branch has to do with infertility and helping women who want to conceive. This type of specialist can do in vitro fertilization or an embryo transfer for example. Another specialty is gynecology oncology. This is the study cancer in woman reproductive systems.

Why Women’s Health Is Important

Women’s health is important because women tend to face more trials and tribulations in health. There are diseases that target women more than men. If you don’t get checked, you may miss your chance to catch something before it progresses. There are laws constantly being put in place that affect women’s rights with their own health. For example, there are government figures that would like to ban abortion. This is one of the many struggles women face on the day to day. It is important for women to take control of their health and stay on top of it. Why not get checked? Why not keep up with your health? Everyone has the right to do that and should.

OBGYN’s are like superheroes for women in the medical field. Every woman should look forward to seeing her gynecologist. They can help you with reproductive issues, general health, pregnancy and everything in between. They dedicate their lives to study this type of medicine just to help women around the world. There is nothing more beautiful than that type of dedication.